Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3GPP wireless evolution from 4G Americas

While reading about HSPA+ features I found one which I have not seen so far i.e. FE-FACH. About this particular feature I think I will write more soon.
In the mean time while looking for FE-FACH description I have found on 4G Americas webpage quite interesting document: "3GPP Wireless Evolution".

HSPA+ Multipoint transmission

As mentioned in previous post I recently started reading about HSDPA multi flow transmission. Some sources name it as multipoint transmission.
In short is about enhancing Dual Cell HSDPA functionality.
I hope soon find some time to explain it as I understand this but for now I recommend to read "HSPA+ Advanced Smart Networks: Multipoint Transmission" from Qualcomm.

HSPA+ Advanced from Qualcomm

Recently I started to read some about HSDPA multi flow transmission in order to understand more about differences between multi flow and multi carrier transmission.
On Qualcomm webpage I found some interesting videos.
More details about multiflow in future posts.

HSPA+ from Qualcomm

I found this interesting video on Qualcomm webpage.
HSPA+ Growing Fast, Evolving Fast, What is Next?

Friday, October 11, 2013

SON in 3GPP Rel 11 from 4G Americas

New interesting White Paper from 4G Americas concerning Self Optimizing Network in 3GPP.
Document can be found here: SON in 3GPP Rel 11.

Friday, September 6, 2013

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