Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3GPP wireless evolution from 4G Americas

While reading about HSPA+ features I found one which I have not seen so far i.e. FE-FACH. About this particular feature I think I will write more soon.
In the mean time while looking for FE-FACH description I have found on 4G Americas webpage quite interesting document: "3GPP Wireless Evolution".

HSPA+ Multipoint transmission

As mentioned in previous post I recently started reading about HSDPA multi flow transmission. Some sources name it as multipoint transmission.
In short is about enhancing Dual Cell HSDPA functionality.
I hope soon find some time to explain it as I understand this but for now I recommend to read "HSPA+ Advanced Smart Networks: Multipoint Transmission" from Qualcomm.

HSPA+ Advanced from Qualcomm

Recently I started to read some about HSDPA multi flow transmission in order to understand more about differences between multi flow and multi carrier transmission.
On Qualcomm webpage I found some interesting videos.
More details about multiflow in future posts.

HSPA+ from Qualcomm

I found this interesting video on Qualcomm webpage.
HSPA+ Growing Fast, Evolving Fast, What is Next?